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ANNABELLE BLACK  a hard rock metal band from the Midwest with a dark, melodic rockstar sound influenced by the ghosts of rocks past, the kickass rockers of the present and the blood, sweat and tears of their everyday lives. They met by chance via the internet and bonded through their remarkable love affair with music.


VIPER BLACKBIRD....Lead vocalist hails from the Midwest with a bold voice and killer lyrics. You can feel the pain, the darkness and struggle within her as she graces the stage with her broken doll demeanor and vintage rock star style. A past filled with every genre from Metal, Hip hop and Classical makes her a force to be reckoned with.


KYLE MATHEW......Rhythm Guitarist and army infantry veteran 

DAN .......Lead guitarist 


Nick .......Bass guitarist




"Musicians who express themselves through the eyes of a broken and psychotic doll, Annabelle Black."